The Heart of Smith

By Ellen Yuan

Right when you step into the buildings of Y E Smith Elementary School, you can feel the energy radiating from the gym. The root of this vibrant and exciting atmosphere stems from Coach Smith, the PE teacher. Although most of Coach Smith's afternoons are spent with her PE classes, her role at the school goes way beyond the walls of gym. This project showcases the work that Coach Smith does inside the gym as well as inside the classrooms to ensure that the students are performing to the best of their ability. The caring and passionate personality of Coach Smith is truly inspiring as she tackles on a day, full of laughter, hugs, and love.

During a visit to the school, I remember meeting Coach Smith and just being simply amazed by how much energy she had and how excited she was to meet us all. When I first contacted her to ask to take some pictures, I was caught by surprise when she told me she could come take pictures of her in the classroom. After talking to her over the course of a couple days, I realized how big of role Coach Smith plays at Y E Smith. The amount of time and effort that Coach Smith brings to the school exemplifies the passion and love that she has for the students to ensure that they are able to excel in school and in life.