Respect. Play hard. Have fun.

By Laura Bennett

At Y.E. Smith, Playworks, an alternative recess program, is used to promote leadership, friendship and sportsmanship among students. Run William Henley, known as Coach Will, playworks allows students are able to release pent up energy, take a mental break from academic learning, and develop rare bonds of friendship.

I truly enjoyed documenting the Playworks program at Y.E. Smith. Not only did it give me a unique situation for my first documentary experience, it allowed me to see how the students interact outside of the classroom. More importantly, I was lucky enough to see them form bonds with Coach Will. Technically, I learned a lot from this project: the challenges of lighting, timing, editing. Almost everything that can be a major challenge for a documentary I got some exposure to, and have since developed even more respect for those who do this for a living.