By Grace Farson

Omari Lassiter is a creative, rambunctious six-year-old. He has a host of different interests and hobbies, including wrestling, various sports, and standing on his head. This project is a look in to the life of Omari and what it is like to be a 1st grader at Smith. His life is filled with activities both at home and school and he opened his life to me and how he spends his days.

I was interested in getting to know one student at Smith. Before long, I realized in getting to know Omari you cannot know him fully without getting to know his mom, Tiara. Tiara, like many parents at Smith, wants only what is best for her son. She has big dreams for Omari. In addition to working two jobs to provide for Omari, she works diligently to find him opportunities to get him involved both at school and his community.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both Tiara and Omari. Their relationship is incredibly special and together, they laugh a lot, they share secrets, and they know how to have a good time.