Healthy Habits

By Avery Waite

This project follows Y.E. Smith's multi-faceted anti-obesity initiative. The school aims to keep students healthy by increasing the nutritional content of the foods that they receive both in school and at home. Students also receive monthly nutrition classes, where they learn about the various food groups and how to make healthy food choices. Furthermore, Y.E. Smith partners with the East Durham Children's Initiative to measure students' BMIs twice a year. Students who qualify are referred to free nutritional counseling. Finally, the anti-obesity initiative includes physical activity, as students have both PE classes multiple times per week in addition to 30 minutes of recess everyday. The sum of these parts comprises Y.E. Smith's anti-obesity initiative, which is giving students the tools they need to develop healthy habits.

I want to thank the Y.E. Smith community for welcoming us into their school this semester. I have enjoyed every moment of working with the students, staff, and administration, who are all extremely hard-working and dedicated individuals. This project has been a learning process for me, and I want to thank my classmates and Susie Post-Rust for their encouragement and feedback.