Fifth Grade Friendship

By Ornella Perl

This project showcases a third grade class unlike any other. The love of learning, respect, friendships, and zest for life the children in Ms. Whitford's class possess is inspiring in even the first moments of meeting their class. Students in Ms. Whitford's class go about a normal routine - they attend gym class (their favorite), Friday clubs, and spend time in the library. There is something special about this class that draws you to a unique place. While you witness the friendships blossom and the magical role of Ms. Whitford, who has built a community of passionate learners, you begin to recognize the importance of fostering an engaging classroom and life-long connections. Through Ms. Whitford's exceptional teaching style and devoted personality, the friendships that blossom are, in an amazing way, reflective of the human potential for collaboration, support, and lasting connections.  The third grade students in her class build uniquely strong and lasting friendships that truly encompass the term "best friends forever".   

I want to thank Professor Post-Rust, Y.E. Smith, the staff, the teachers and of course the remarkable students for this wonderful experience. I feel very blessed to have met these students and to have been part of the Y.E. Smith community, even if it was only for a short amount of time. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this project.