Exhibiting the World

By Vivian Chung

Ever since my first time attending school, art has been a defining feature of my education. The importance of art in all subjects and the way it is presented at schools decides how the students are able to think creatively and outside of the norms. For my project with Y.E Smith Elementary School, I chose to focus on their museum partnership. Y.E Smith's desire to give their students a chance to learn outside of a typical classroom is one of the many things that make them a standout school. By taking advantage of the resources they have around the North Carolina area, Y.E Smith's partnership with local museums allows their students to see beyond textbooks, lectures, and homework; instead, their eyes are opened to real works of art and science from celebrated scholars around the world.

In order to showcase both the art at the school and the museum partnership, I decided to focus on both the students in art class and also their field trips to the Nasher Musuem of Art, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Ackland Museum, and Museum of Life and Science. These museums offer a treasure chest of information that ranges from the history of photography, unique species of plants, interactive science stations, and much more for the students. The experiences the students have at these museums expand the creativity and knowledge that is fostered in their everyday classes. By capturing the students in their art classes and field trips, I was truly able to see the value of Y.E Smith's museum partnership and how it offers their students an education based on exposure to a world much larger than the Durham area.