A Cultural Crossover

By Pranav Haravu

A dynamic weaving of cultures, cuisines, and languages plays out in the every-day lives of Kierra and Kimberly Rosales, 1st and 4th graders at Y.E. Smith. Their culture is neither that of their parents, nor that of the school, but rather a contrasting mixture of the two, as is the story with many children of first generation immigrants.

Coming in from an outsider's perspective, it is inherently difficult to truly understand the subtleties of a family's culture and thus, the narration, while explanatory and anecdotal, does not fully convey the story. That is the role of the pictures. They are given a context, and placed in a scene by the narration, but ultimately the story of the Rosales family is more than can be expressed verbally. The subtle elements of the pictures, and the feel that they give, is what I believe provides the majority of the story.