Exploring New Heights: AIG at Y.E. Smith

By Anthony Alvernaz

This gifted, close-knit group of ten is led by Ms.Victoria Robinson. The students challenge one another and are pushed to their limits while Ms. Robinson helps to identify promising new students to join.

Healthy Habits

By Avery Waite

This project highlights Y.E. Smith's anti-obesity initiative, through which students have access to healthier foods, nutrition services, and daily physical activity.

The First Five

By Eileen Adams

Before even entering through the doors of Y.E. Smith, children five and under get prepped for Kindergarten, learning through lessons masked as play.

The Heart of Smith

By Ellen Yuan

Coach Smith's official job title at Y.E. Smith is the PE teacher but to the students she is much more than a passionate and loving educator for them, she is also their biggest fan and best friend.

Warm and Fuzzies

By Eric Lin

Peer support is the focus of Ms. Hughes' first grade class and is at the heart of every student. It creates relationships, bonds, and friendships that are present even outside of the classroom.

Ms Sanders' Kids

By Evan-Nicole Bell

Filled with laughter, joy, and exploration, a day in the life of Ms. Sanders' kindergarten class is like no other. Join these energetic students as they embark upon their everyday journey, learning how to interact with both the classroom and the fascinating world that surrounds them.


By Grace Farson

Omari Lassiter, a first-grader in Mr. Hughes' classroom is playful, surprising, and prone to get lost in his thoughts. Perhaps what distinguishes Omari most from other kids his age is his relationship with his mom, Tiara.

More than a Number

By Jennifer Moreno

Jovanna and Natalia Ochoa are bright and joyful sisters. Both attend second and kindergarten at YE Smith Elementary. Jovanna and Natalia's experience differs from their peers as they share a child's immigrant perspective. Nevertheless, the Ochoa sisters prove they are more than a number are are on the path to success.

Mathematical Minds

By Kaila Perez

From adding fractions to drawing arrays, fourth graders at Y.E. Smith gain a wide range of quantitative tools during math time. Ms. Fonto and Mr. Gaines foster critical thinking and strengthen the mathematical foundations of their students.

Friday Clubs

By Katie Loftus

Take a look into the lives of Y.E. Smith students on a typical Friday afternoon, heading to their favorite clubs. Teachers and volunteers put together a wide array of clubs, including art club, baking club, and step. Ms. Barton, Y.E. Smith's guidance counselor, has created a club of her own called GIRLS Club, focused on developing confidence in young girls.

Respect. Play hard. Have fun.

By Laura Bennett

At Y.E. Smith recess is about more than play time. The Playworks program encourages the development of leadership, sportsmanship, and (perhaps most importantly) friendship.

Balancing Bilinguality

By Natalia Arenas Gallo

Kelly and Aidsa Villeda-Perez are lively girls whose everyday journey means adventuring a bilingual world. Through school work and play the girls mix the two languages and cultures, and share a very special bond.

Fifth Grade Friendship

By Ornella Perl

Ms. Whitford's class is full of spirit, joy and camaraderie. The students are very close and are always there to help one another. True friendship exists in this class which will last forever.

A Cultural Crossover

By Pranav Haravu

A dynamic weaving of cultures, cuisines, and languages plays out in the every-day lives of Kierra and Kimberly Rosales, 1st and 4th graders at Y.E. Smith.

Exhibiting the World

By Vivian Chung

Through uncovering Rauschenberg paintings at the Nasher Museum, tornado makers at the Museum of Life and Science, and Andy Warhol photographs at the Ackland Museum, the Y.E. Smith students have been given an irreplaceable opportunity to step outside the classroom into a world rich of inspiring artists.

Home is Where the Love is

By Yohana Zecarias

Tachara Toomer, the lively independent second grader at Y.E. Smith, has a secret weapon on her side - her mother, Stephanie Toomer, who has engineered a family support system that extends beyond the physical quarters of her home, ensuring Tachara's bright future while Stephanie improves her own.